Member of Parliament Grenada |

Alexandra Otway was born in Toronto, Canada where she spent her early years, then returning to Grenada completing her early schooling. Alexandra returned to Canada to pursue tertiary studies in Advertising, sales and Marketing. On successful completion of her higher education she went directly into the hospitality sector working for international tour operators, airlines and hotels. Alexandra set an impressive record in the Tourism sector and remains very high demand in that sector.

She is extremely well travelled globally… Her links remain strong to this day with Tourist boards, Tourism industry professionals and dignitaries. In 1997, Alexandra returned to Grenada where she took up a position in the hospirality sector while running 3 of her families company’s.

She has achieved great success in negotiating for new airlines to come to Grenada, becoming the agent for Several airlines to Grenada and holding the post of Consultant to the Grenada Board of Tourism on its operations and director on the Grenada airports Authority board of Directors later becoming the first female Chairman of the Board.

Alexandra has given her time to many foundations and charitable organizations some of the most noteworthy, is that she was a Board Member of the medical trust to the Grenada National Coalition for the rights of the child. She has worked along with Reach Grenada, a New York based charity, as well as sat on many boards of homes and charity groups.

She has her own charity The South St George Development Committee which mostly caters to the needs of needy children in her constituency.

She was recognized as one of the Caribbean Canadian Emerging Leaders by the CCELD presided upon by the Princess Royal, Princess Anne. She has dined with the ruler of Dubai and been awarded a medal by Vatican City to name a few of her achievements.

She officially entered politics 8 months before contesting the General Elections in 2013 as the NNP candidate for the Constituency of South St. George, the constituency with the largest number of registered voters on the Island, and received one of the largest swing votes and number of votes as a candidate.

She believes in the ideals of the New National Party and has fresh ideas and a strong work ethic. As a political figure she continues to be a very popular and well liked parliamentary representative for the people of South St. George and the Nation of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Our Madam Minister has held three substantive posts in the Government of Grenada’s Cabinet, firstly as the Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture during which time Grenada saw the largest increase In Tourism in the Caribbean, and the rebranding to Pure Grenada, the spice of the Caribbean in addition to many other firsts in that sector that catapulted Grenada to be one of the highest trending destinations in the region. Honourable Alexandra Otway-Noel was awarded the post of Minister for Implementation in the Prime Minister’s office of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique which she held for just over a year and a half collaborating with investors and ensuring that projects are completed.

Hon Alexandra Otway-Noel was also a Minister in The Prime Ministers office with special responsibilities for Government Efficiency and for the promotion of the CBI program.

Still working closely with government she has returned to private sector and is a successful entrepreneur.